How AI Speeds Up IT Staff Onboarding for the Service Desk

10/18/2016 by: The SunView Team

The cost of onboarding new employees in the art of IT service management can be measured in both the time and resources it takes to bring new staff up to speed. And in order to maximize ROI, IT Managers must do their due diligence when it comes to training and oversight.

Evaluating the real cost of ITSM training

According to a report from the Association for Talent Development, a typical employer spends an average of just over $1,200 and 31.5 hours to get a single employee up to speed.

That said, ITSM service desk training costs trend on the higher side of this mean, given the knowledge complexities and ever-changing technology standards. Every year, there's more to learn, new ways to operate efficiently and even new channels through which to reach customers, and ITSM must adapt accordingly.

Unfortunately, knowledge gaps and human errors can lead to slower resolution times and negatively impact end user sentiment. We already know human mistakes are one of the leading causes of service errors in IT. So what's the solution? More training? More work hours lost? More money needlessly thrown away? Can your budget and bottom line support that?

Instead of wasting resources month after month, year after year playing a game of catch-up your employees never win, invest in IT service desk solutions that work with new hires and drive them toward faster resolution using the latest artificial intelligence tools and automations.


Offer real-time guidance with confidence scoring

Manual service ticket completion can bog down the greenhorns at your organization. They want to ensure the accuracy of the values they input, but that takes time and room for mistakes with little experience to fall back on.

However, with intelligent field recommenders and confidence scoring technology built into the ITSM software, users need only summarize the problem and internal guidance systems will populate other fields with recommendations. How will service desk professionals, especially new ones, know these values are legitimate? Each automated input value will come with alternatives and a percentage score. The higher the score, the more likely the automated input reflects the actual issue. Best of all, the machine learning engine behind confidence scoring learns and evolves the more support techs use it. This is truly the future of service desk automation.

For additional support, staff users can quickly draw information from an intuitive suggestion center, complete with text and videos selected recommended from the knowledge base using the same machine learning technology. This immediate assistance helps staff users, both new and old, find the resolutions they need, fast.


Give service requests context with AI

The ins and outs of ITSM software and workflow requirements aren't the only things new hires must grow familiar with. Your organization has history, and contextualizing that history through data will help recently onboarded employees learn the trade and how best to serve customers as individuals.

But if your fledgling service desk professionals spend too much time on data entry and re-entry and re-re-entry, you deny them the chance to master truly ITSM and the operations beyond numbers and letters in a box, not to mention why certain things are configured in a certain way. With the right tools and automations in place to guide new hires, they can immediately contribute to and learn the business without being bogged down by the little details.

AI-powered ITSM is more than just a safety net. By accelerating advanced training and securing an optimized IT workflow even with new hires, service providers can enjoy the following:

  • Employees virtually learn on the job, which means less managerial oversight
  • Less time and money spent on training, more devoted to customer service
  • Reduced learning curve and immediate utilization of new employees
  • Lowered risk of a issues caused by human error

Are you giving your newest employees every resource they need to succeed? Consider what an update to your ITSM software can do to turn your most recent hires into your most valuable assets and improve the way you onboard.

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