Get All Your Self-service Ducks in a Row with Enterprise ITSM Knowledge Management

04/01/2016 by: The SunView Team

How often in your daily life do you wish you had knowledge management built into the way you think? You could have automatic, lossless recall of that day in fifth grade math class when you learned about percentages, instead of scratching your head as you struggle to calculate a decent tip for your waiter. You would never fret about whether you left the stove on accidentally. Holiday thank-you cards would be a breeze because you'd remember every single present and every single gift giver.

Effectively leveraging knowledge doesn't have to solely remain a daydream of the forgetful - comprehensive IT service management allows both service providers and companies utilizing internal software to possess the ability to wield valuable information competently while avoiding pitfalls other IT departments may get hung up on.

Reduce Ticket Volume With Self-Service

As we've discussed in previous articles, self-service support offerings curtail the amount of low-level work order tickets reaching IT professionals. In 2014, the typical IT technician fielded nearly 150 tickets every month, according to a study from MetricNet. Compare that figure to another study the organization performed that showed remedying IT issues were, on average, not only the most time-intensive service requests a company could file, but IT had the highest ratio in relation to total workplace employees.

In short, IT technicians do an incredible amount of work that takes a lot of time, and bigger companies invest a lot in tech recruitment, so it's best to optimize processes wherever possible to keep costs and complexity to a minimum. All of these worries can be mitigated with advanced self-service support tailored to address common low-level incidents users face with automated resources and access to actionable information.

While ITSM puts its knowledge on the front lines to prevent cumbersome IT workloads from blitzing operations, it also prevents operational redundancies from occurring. With a centralized point of contact and greater transparency into the data concerning service desk processes, IT professionals avoid overlapping into each other's work, wasting labor costs and potentially complicating matters.

Standardize Best Practices

ITSM suites could never work as a "one-size-fits-all" solution - enterprise information technology is too broad for a single package to tout universal applicability. Truly effective ITSM acknowledges the need for adopters to change it as much as it can change the adopter's IT. After all, business manage their information best when customizable enterprise ITSM suites afford them the structural flexibility to do so to their own liking.

Moreover, self-service only works its operational efficiency magic when IT manages its higher-level tickets with regimented and informed action that takes advantage of the gains accrued by more self-sufficient low-level service requesters. By enhancing ITSM through clearly defined, standardized task delegation and adding automated checks and balances like regression testing and a CMDB, IT uses its knowledge base to propel tickets through to completion as well as secure the foundation for wholly optimized service management.

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