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Does Your Business Need AI-Enabled ITSM?

10/18/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Computer programmer working with two desktop computers and a laptop.

Are you considering implementing an AI-enabled ITSM solution? You probably have a number of questions – is this the right step for me? What benefits am I going to gain from this? 

While AI has received a great deal of attention in the news (not all of it positive), there’s still a great deal of skepticism about whether AI is truly necessary for the enterprise. AI-enabled ITSM tools are an excellent addition to your company; they make firms more efficient, more productive, and they reduce costs.

How AI-Enabled ITSM Works

Before we explore why your company may need AI-enabled ITSM, we’ll provide an overview of how this solution works. AI-enabled ITSM software, as the name implies, incorporates AI into ITSM tools. 

AI means that a computer learns without the aid of a human. In the case of ITSM software, the AI component will review previously submitted help desk tickets to ascertain what to do in a situation when a user submits a new ticket. AI never stops learning, so you never have to worry about it resting on its laurels and missing a solution to what may be an obvious problem. 

AI-Enabled ITSM: Making Companies More Efficient

AI-enabled ITSM has the power to make companies more efficient. It streamlines previously manual, inefficient processes. We’ll illustrate with an example. 

Traditional help desk procedures involve calling, emailing, or even visiting the help desk in person. If the help desk has a backlog of requests, which is a common situation, you may have to wait hours, if not significantly longer, to get the help you need. 

Twenty-nine percent of IT professionals surveyed said they were experimenting with chatbots in a 2019 survey.”   

When you have AI-enabled ITSM tools in place, that process looks completely different. You open a chatbot window or navigate to a self-service portal, type in your question, and within moments, receive a response. You no longer have to wait for the IT department to get back to you. 

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AI-Enabled ITSM: Making Companies More Productive

The combination of AI and ITSM makes workers more productive; when they’re not waiting around for the help desk to respond to their queries, they get more done. 

Even simple issues such as password resets keep employees locked out of workstations or applications. When they can solve those problems faster, they can get back to work sooner. 

AI-Enabled ITSM: Saving Companies Money

In addition to making companies more productive and efficient, AI and ITSM save firms money. Did you know that the cost of a single help desk ticket is $15.56 per minute on average? Much of that cost is due to human employees; they need salaries, vacations, benefits, etc.

AI, on the other hand, needs none of those things. When AI-enabled ITSM tools solve help desk tickets, you reduce the cost of a help desk ticket per minute because you’re not utilizing as many human resources. 

“The ITSM market will be worth $8.78 billion by 2021.”

If you want to make your company more efficient, more productive, and run more cost-effectively, AI-enabled ITSM software is for you.  Request information to learn more.

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