Defining the Next Generation of ITSM

09/21/2020 by: The SunView Team

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Since its infancy, the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry has had to be one of constant adaptation and support. As organizations across all industries turn to technology for their day-to-day operations, ITSM systems have had to match their growth and drive towards more efficient time, resource, and staff management. However, not all ITSM systems are created equal. Those that provide the most value to their users can be classified as the “next generation” of ITSM.

A true “next generation” ITSM is designed to provide users the experience they’ve come to expect from big names like Apple, Uber, and Google, all while being powered by innovative artificial intelligence. These systems are intended to simplify the tasks of IT staff and end users alike through their user friendliness, intelligence, flexibility, and automated capabilities.

The Definition of Next Generation of ITSM

Modern enterprises want and need ITSM systems that grow with their businesses. Next generation ITSM systems do so by providing a personalized, consumer-like experience and operating with advanced intelligence. These capabilities provide an engaging, highly customized user experience that is intuitive for staff and preferred by end-users. Staff members will be able to build and personalize multiple self-service portals and service catalogs for specialized departments, groups, and teams. This facilitates faster end-user adoption, taking some of the stress of day-to-day requests and tasks from the IT team.

Gone are the days of a developer needing to dig through code to make changes to meet the needs of different departments; now, anyone can easily custom tailor their experience to meet the needs of their department with drag-and-drop functionality. Users can drag and drop widgets on a page for increased personalization with ease, add or remove fields to customize forms, and setup workflows so that they align with team or organizational practices. All of this is performed within the UI.

Adding to the convenience of a consumer-focused user interface is the ITSM system’s cognitive automation. This is provided through native AI and Machine Learning capabilities. The technology enables features such as predictive automation, pre-configured chatbots, and sentiment analysis. Access to organizational ticket history will guide them toward more relevant answers. These features enable staff and end-users to solve problems faster, all while being more efficient and productive.

What Are the Business Benefits of a “Next Generation” System?

The combination of intelligence and a consumer-like experience defines a next generation ITSM—but what are the business benefits provided by such software? True next generation systems stand out from their older counterparts by being user friendly, intelligent, flexible, and automated.

It’s User Friendly

A next generation ITSM should be constructed with its users’ continual satisfaction in mind. It is an ultra-modern solution that is easy for staff to implement, configure, and maintain. This provides end-users with an engaging, highly personalized experience that makes their service requests and search for solutions a breeze.

It’s Intelligent

A next generation ITSM should provide advanced capabilities and cognitive automation out-of-the-box. It learns from your organization’s data and recommends solutions for faster, more accurate decision-making. There should be a focus on enhanced customer self-service, improved the quality of service delivery, and quick resolution times.

It’s Flexible

An adaptable platform that enables rapid scalability, offers easy customization, and supports complex business processes provides enterprises with the flexibility they need. Seamless integration brings valuable solutions to staff and end-users alike, all without the headache of clunky, one-size-fits all ITSM systems.

It’s Automated

End-to-end automation facilitates more streamlined business processes, which in turn promote better communication and collaboration throughout the organization. This intelligent feature empowers employees, helping them to reduce manual work effort and gain better operational efficiency.

Next generation ITSM systems provide the framework and automation capabilities to make business processes more efficient. No matter what industry an enterprise operates in, an intuitive ITSM system helps the entire organization perform at optimal levels. By pairing a consumer-like experience and artificial intelligence, next generation ITSMs are simply better equipped to handle the needs of modern enterprises than traditional systems.

If your organization has been struggling with a system that’s too old, too slow, or even too small, it may be time to make the switch to a “next generation” ITSM solution.

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