Can AI Improve the ITSM Customer Experience?

11/30/2016 by: The SunView Team

Customer Service

Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, healthcare or IT service management, everything you do is ultimately for the customer's benefit.

Focusing on the service desk and service management industry, meeting the demands of customers are the reasons that ITSM tools must always move faster and resolutions must always grow more accurate. These improvements, however, do not come at the flick of a wrist. Service desk managers maximum efficiency only through systemic changes, namely by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence into their ITSM software. Today's customers depend on these smart changes and automations - as does IT.

But why? As businesses implement more cutting-edge SaaS workplace tools and connected Internet of Things devices, the need for innovative support will multiply exponentially. To maintain reliable service desk operations, the ITSM team must mitigate the flood of automated and manual requests filed from multiple channels, field them effectively, and minimize costs in the process. AI integrated within advanced service management solutions is the key to delivering on all fronts.

Immediate, actionable response
As soon as a user files a service request, an intelligent service desk solution sends an automated personalized response to corroborate receipt, provide an estimated resolution time frame and point the user toward relevant knowledge base articles. And because AI underpins all this decision-making, the response is backed by historical data based on similar tickets and past client experience.

Self-service resources for incidents
According to information compiled by the Harvard Business Review, users and customers across all industries turn to self-service support technology when they can rather than having to potentially wait for a person-to-person resolution. In a sense, service desk technicians couldn't be happier - with fewer low-tier incidents to manage, their schedules free up and their time becomes more valuable.

Conversely, self-service appeases users only when the feature suits their high expectations. In other words, if the solution they're using isn't up to their standards, than they will more than likely bounce off of the self-service option with little chance of return. AI helps to streamline the experience and provide end users a simple way to find solutions. AI-powered service desk technology draws insights from historical data to match users with the right recommended resources, so they solve their problems quickly and easily without the aid of ITSM professionals at all.


Intelligent ITSM workflow behind the scenes
Self-service can't do everything. Sometimes it's up to ITSM experts to save the day. So what can artificial intelligence and machine learning do to improve the performance and solve customers' problems in record times?

  • Tools to accelerate resolution: Every field on a request necessitates a value. If left unchecked, unfinished or incomplete in-progress tickets could slow the ITSM workload for everyone while technicians try to fill in the blanks or spot the discrepancies. AI, however, can compare current tickets against past ones and generate smart suggestions for every field, keeping service desk operations one step ahead.
  • Rated recommendations: But how can service desk professionals really trust these automated field suggestions? Each comes with a rating that estimates its accuracy, along with a handful of other options to choose from. Turns out the first option isn't the right one? The service desk AI will learn and apply that toward future decisions.
  • Knowledge library: Beyond the request form, ITSM technicians also have immediate access to a customizable library of information. Charts, videos, web pages - the organization can store whatever its service desk professionals need to get the job done. AI will also prioritize knowledge base materials according to historical data. That way, ITSM workers see only the resources they need.

In the end, these improvements to the ITSM workflow benefit the customer by outputting high-quality service delivery and impressive speeds.

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