Automating Change Processing for a More Efficient Service Desk

07/19/2018 by: The SunView Team

Automating Change Processing for a More Efficient Service Desk

Take a moment to think about how change unfolds at your organization. Most likely, it follows a pattern: someone comes up with an idea for a change, everyone is notified, the change is scheduled, then implemented, and ideally, someone documents and evaluates the success of the change. All of this is done manually – someone has to sit down and invest the time and effort to make sure that these procedures take place. 

What if change processing wasn’t manual – what would be different if it could be automated? Read on to learn about how automating change processing makes service desk management more efficient. 

How Does Automation Make Change Processing More Efficient?

Automating change processing saves time, effort, and money. How so?

In a study published in August 2017, a professor from NYU noted that 53% of employees surveyed believe they can save up to two hours a day (240 hours per year) through automation. Business leaders are even more ambitious; in the same study, they claimed that automation could free up three hours per day (360 hours per year). Why are those numbers so high?

Many of the tasks we do on a day-to-day basis are repetitive. They don’t add value, either, although they have to get done. Automation solves this problem – it enables the completion of repetitive, low-value yet necessary tasks.

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What’s the Best Way to Automate Change Processing?

Automating change processing shouldn’t be an expensive or difficult process. The right ITSM solution should have that functionality built in. 

What should the ITSM solution be able to do? 

First and foremost, it should fit your workflows. Change processing is most effective when it’s personalized to meet the needs of your team. DevOps, IT, and line-of-business units all work differently, and your change processing needs to reflect that. The right ITSM solution offers optimized change processing for each team for maximum efficiency.

Second, the ITSM solution automates change processing in an intelligent way. You can create business rules that will automate processes so they’re no longer manual. Approvals can also be automated, depending on the situation. Automated approvals are another time saver for firms. 

A third must-have capability of the right ITSM is visibility into your change processes. You need to be able to look at all your change processes in a single place and be able to pinpoint exactly what’s happening and when for every single change. The right ITSM solution provides a single pane of glass so you have total visibility into all of your change processing.

Final Thoughts

Automation is one of the keys to greater efficiency. Many manual processes are repetitive and low-value but necessary tasks. When those processes are automated your service desk staff can be freed up to focus on high-value tasks. The right ITSM solution not only makes automation easy, it results in increased efficiency and productivity. 

SunView's ChangeGear streamlines change processing, making it possible for your IT service desk to increase speed and efficiency while giving your organization a single system to track all IT changes. Your teams will have visibility into all changes for problem resolution, planning, and compliance reporting.

Want to know more about change management? Download the guide "25 Key Requirements for Change Management."

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