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The Stuff from Pink That Made Us Think

04/27/2017 by: The SunView Team

  With the 2017 HDI conference just around the corner, we wanted to document and share some of the key takeaways we brought away after the 2017 Pink Elephant conference last February. As with many of the 2016 and 2017 IT service management (ITSM) conferences, there was so much more being talked about than your traditional ITSM, ITIL, and service desk fare. With Lean, Agile, and DevOps spanning ... Read More

| DevOps / Change Management

Three ITSM Challenges That Financial Organizations Must Overcome

03/09/2017 by: The SunView Team

In many ways, the financial services sector has been moving IT service management technology forward. Banks, credit unions, investment firms, etc., are engaged in cutthroat competition with each other. To win, financial organizations must deliver digitally connected services that are innovative and meet the modern expectations of their end users. However, these organizations are also under ... Read More


10 of the Best ITSM and Service Desk Blog Sites

01/25/2017 by: The SunView Team

Every now and then someone will ask "What are the best sources of IT service management (ITSM) and service desk (and possibly even customer service) advice?" There are of course many paid-for information sources, such as industry analyst firms, and while I might cheekily state that people should seek help and advice from their ITSM or service desk tool provider - I'll no doubt eventually get ... Read More

| IT Service Management

Making ITSM the Customer Interface to DevOps

01/11/2017 by: The SunView Team

The average IT service management (ITSM)-espoused corporate IT service desk hopefully has deep expertise in dealing with internal IT customers and the IT they use, plus a reasonable knowledge of the business as a whole. On the back of these it has three roles to play in the all-important communication aspects of DevOps. Read More


A New Year of ITSM: Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Legacy Service Desk

12/28/2016 by: The SunView Team

Millions of people make New Year's resolutions only to break them months, weeks, even days after January first. Read More


3 Reasons to Cherish Your Service Desk This Holiday Season

12/21/2016 by: The SunView Team

The holidays are a time of giving, family, and food. However, during this joyous time of year, it's important not to forget just how crucial an effective service desk solution can be to your organization. Here are three reasons you shouldn't take for granted the importance of a high functioning service desk during the holiday season. Read More


Can Intelligent Service Desk Software Really Help You Do More With Less?

12/14/2016 by: The SunView Team

What lies at the heart of a do-more-with-less philosophy? Read More


How AI is Changing the Service Desk for Staff and End-Users

12/07/2016 by: The SunView Team

Chatbot technology and other artificial intelligence tools represent a watershed moment in customer service innovation. Now businesses can provide their customers with intuitive, human-like support features that improve self-service experiences and raise satisfaction. Read More

| IT Service Management / End User Experience

Can AI Improve the ITSM Customer Experience?

11/30/2016 by: The SunView Team

Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, healthcare or IT service management, everything you do is ultimately for the customer's benefit. Read More

| IT Service Management / End User Experience

Service Desk AI Takes ITSM Ticket Assignment To The Next Level

11/16/2016 by: The SunView Team

What managerial task is more important than finding the right people for a given job? Read More