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3 Ways Higher Ed Institutions Can Benefit From ITSM

06/19/2017 by: Stephen Mann

Along with most internal IT departments, in either the private or public sectors, higher education institutions continue to need to provide IT support to their end users – students, faculty members, and other employees – in line with what now seems like an age-old mantra of “doing more with less.” Read More

| IT Service Management / Education

Who are the Best DevOps Bloggers? [Guide]

06/15/2017 by: Stephen Mann

There are good DevOps bloggers and bad DevOps bloggers, and it would be rude to mention a certain Clint Eastwood movie. The good blogs tend to be the ones written by people who have “been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” These bloggers write in detail, with war stories, and with insights that one can only acquire by doing the “hard yards.” Read More

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Exploring Immutable Code & the ITIL Configuration Management Database

06/06/2017 by: Stephen Mann

  Over the last two decades, configuration management tools, i.e. those that effect and/or record a change, have multiplied in number however the associated thinking doesn’t seem to have changed much. But are we on the cusp, finally, of a big change?If cloud is changing what we manage and DevOps is changing how we manage it, in the middle of it all we are not only seeing new, different tools but ... Read More

| ITIL / CMDB / Configuration Management

10 Service Desk Metrics, Shift-Left, and AI Nuggets from HDI 2017

05/17/2017 by: Stephen Mann

The annual HDI Conference is done and dusted for another year, although I’m unsure what the Washington equivalent of Las Vegas’ “Elvis has left the building” is. As per usual, there was a lot of great service desk and IT service management (ITSM) learning (let’s call it “nuggets”) to be had – either in-person or remotely via the Twittersphere. Read More

| IT Service Management / Help Desk

Microservices, DevOps, and ITSM for an Antifragile Business

05/03/2017 by: Stephen Mann

  Microservices are a software architecture that creates antifragile systems by breaking monolithic applications into smaller microservice components and making these small components easy to deploy and robust against failure. Microservice components are also designed to expect, and gracefully handle, the failure of other microservices they depend upon, offering customers a partially-working ... Read More

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The Continued Importance of ITIL Change Management in Light of DevOps

04/19/2017 by: Stephen Mann

 If you work in the IT Service Management industry, and even if you don't, the late-February Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 "event" won't have escaped your attention. Where a human error - a typo while members of the S3 team were debugging a billing system - caused other Amazon Web Services to stop functioning plus the services of customer that rely on them. For many, hopefully it was a timely ... Read More

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The Growing Importance of End User Engagement on the Service Desk

04/12/2017 by: Stephen Mann

  The IT service desk goalposts have moved. Company employees - whether you wish to call them end users, customers, consumers, business colleagues, or something else - have change the way they think about technology, IT service delivery, support, customer service, and now customer experience. With their expectations across all of these having risen thanks to something termed "consumerization" - ... Read More


How ITIL and ITSM Automation Needs to Shrink the Process Gap

04/05/2017 by: Stephen Mann

  If you've ever visited the UK - well, London to be accurate - and have travelled on the underground (tube) system, then you'll have seen signs, and heard the public announcements, that say "Mind the gap." The US equivalent would probably be "Beware the gap." It's a warning that there's a physical gap between the platform and the tube train, and that dropping or losing things (including oneself) ... Read More

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Top Serverless Insights for ITSM Practitioners

03/22/2017 by: Stephen Mann

  "Serverless" is a new computing paradigm that has emerged from the worlds of cloud and Agile that's beginning to surface in large enterprises such as AOL and Nordstrom. Other major enterprises are likely to have IT service management (ITSM) practitioners who need to learn about this new compute paradigm, because it changes the agility, control, and cost of service delivery and IT operations. Read More


5 Common Service Desk Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

03/15/2017 by: Stephen Mann

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