A New Year of ITSM: Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Legacy Service Desk

12/28/2016 by: The SunView Team

Millions of people make New Year's resolutions only to break them months, weeks, even days after January first.

IT managers overseeing service desk operations often don't have the luxury of falling back on old bad habits without serious consequences. If they neglect to address their most formidable challenges and intelligently adopt possible solutions, they're not only doomed to repeat history but crumble under its weight.

So what obstacles do IT managers face today? Which ones will they continue to face this year unless they change course?

Trouble Scaling legacy systems
Many old-school, supposedly "one-size-fits-all" ITSM solutions weren't built to be scalable to accommodate the needs of today's fast-paced organization. And when systems fail to accommodate new users and requisite resources efficiently, owners and operators have a hard time competing against those with more capable solutions.

High TCO
Total cost of ownership for an ITSM solution isn't merely about the sticker price. Every cost inefficiency surrounding implementation, training and delivery adds to this figure. And despite the importance of implementing a cost-effective solutions, many organizations struggle with finding ITSM software that delivers on the features and functionality they need without straining their budget.

Long implementation and upgrade processes
Failure to innovate quickly can be downright deadly for an industry like ITSM; which is one that is built on delivering fast and agile service. So when the implementation and upgrades processes become a costly, time-intensive endeavor, not only does your organization struggle internally, but end users can become increasingly frustrated either with unavailable services and/or lack of updates.

Lack of flexibility
As essential service desk offerings diversify, ITSM professionals must always rise and deliver - no matter what. But how can they when ITSM operations lack the necessary flexibility to meet new user expectations while adhering to ITIL best practices?

Now that we've highlighted ITSM's challenges, what remedies should IT managers seek out in advanced service desk solutions to succeed this year and beyond?

Scaling with a single ITSM platform
A truly effective service desk solution not only includes the latest industry ITIL process modules as standard, but it also makes scaling infinitely easier. How? Because modern service desk solutions are built as fully-customizable single-platform solutions, allowing for maximum scalability as an organization grows and matures over time.

Intelligent automation features
Smart ITSM automation drives service uniformity, speed to delivery, professional training and self-service operations that drastically reduce low-tier ticket volumes. What's not to love?

Easy implementation and maintenance
The trick to a stress-free implementation is investing in intuitive solutions that don't require continuous oversight and support from the vendor or third-party services. Today's service desk solutions offer powerful functionality out-of-the-box for fast implementation, and customizable options and workflows that can be programmed without complex coding at a fraction of the cost of other legacy solutions.

Make this the year your IT team finally says goodbye to operational inefficiency, sluggish processes, low satisfaction ratings and high costs. It's time to ditch the legacy service desk of the past and embrace the power of a modern and intelligent ITSM solution.

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