3 Ways an Advanced IT Service Desk Transforms Your Business

10/27/2020 by: The SunView Team

Discussions around the IT service desk, understandably, tend to focus on how they impact an organization's technology operations. The right service desk solution can help an organization add stability, refinement, and speed to its IT and support operations. Incident management streamlines support ticket prioritization and resolution. Equipping a your IT service desk with the best platform, you enable them to serve the organization by removing obstacles that degrade a high performing organization. You may choose focused efforts, such as implementing a Change Management strategy. Or, perhaps your organization is ready for a more robust global effort to fully implement an IT Service Management solution. Whatever your maturity level, a professional service desk will transform the way you manage the delivery of IT services.

However, all these gains will offer limited value if they do not translate to the business. IT does not just exist to let the corporate side of the company run smoothly. Instead, technology teams are increasingly tasked with empowering businesses, and the right service desk can move beyond improving IT functions and help you create meaningful business value. Three ways a sophisticated IT service desk solution can transform your organization for the better include:

1. Empower IT Consumers
Business users are increasingly acting like consumers in the way they interact with IT departments. As they embrace this trend, they want to be able to take control of how they use technology, and you need to be ready to help them accomplish this while also maintaining the control IT needs over the configuration.

Advanced service desk solutions include features like self-service portals, service catalogs, and knowledge centers, all of which allow business users to engage with technology in meaningful ways that deliver the promise of consumerization. Giving your employees this freedom to use technology flexibly based on their specific needs—not to mention solve their own problems when something goes wrong—can maximize the value gleaned from IT consumerization.

2. Create Business Flexibility
In a technology era where employees are increasingly limited or empowered by the apps and services they have access to, a good IT service desk provides an invaluable tool in providing flexibility. The business that cannot quickly and seamlessly deploy new apps and services is one that will often fall behind the competition and struggle to catch up. Alternately, an organization that enables business users to enlist new apps based on their ever-changing needs will find itself becoming more agile and responsive to market demands.

Service catalogs, release management tools, and similar solutions can come together to fuel app innovation by helping users freely choose the best apps for their needs, while letting IT create boundaries that the business operates within. This creates a perfect balance between control and convenience, making a business more flexible.

3. Simplify Intersections Between Business and Technology
IT functions have long existed in a somewhat separate world from the rest of the organization. As companies get more dependent on technology, they are also becoming more reliant on collaboration between IT and corporate teams. For example, HR is increasingly dependent on technology workers to help them get new employees on board. IT and support teams may need to setup new workstations, create login credentials, provide details for registering personal devices on the company network, and establish many other IT capabilities that will support the new employee.

Your HR workers can complete many of these processes without direct IT insight if you have functions like self-service portals. For the rest, you can use line-of-business process modules to bring the advanced management capabilities that come on the service desk to the rest of your organization, establishing a framework for innovation.

Technology is more important than ever for businesses, and a good service desk can transform operations outside of the IT department.

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