3 Reasons to Cherish Your Service Desk This Holiday Season

12/21/2016 by: The SunView Team

The holidays are a time of giving, family, and food. However, during this joyous time of year, it's important not to forget just how crucial an effective service desk solution can be to your organization. Here are three reasons you shouldn't take for granted the importance of a high functioning service desk during the holiday season.

1. Smarter IT automation
Receiving, vetting and implementing service requests sometimes isn't as simple and straightforward as we'd like. But thanks to intelligent service desk software powered by artificial intelligence, technicians can breeze through simple tickets without being bogged down by data entry. They can even automate the dissemination of self-service resources so users can resolve these issues confidently without intervention.

Furthermore, smart service desk features help with those unique, complicated tickets by offering intelligent field recommendations informed by historical data and rated according to past success. Both of these features save service reps time they can spend developing a bold new strategy for their products or services. With smarter, time-saving automation, you can worry less about your service desk during the holiday.

2. Delivering on quality
The service desk has always been about improving the quality of what your organization provides to its customers. Traditionally, it has been the role of IT technicians to react to service requests, take the necessary steps to fulfill tickets, and resolve them. With all of this manual data entry, mistakes are bound to happen. However, with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and big data technology, IT managers can rely on notifications, guidance systems and other smart assistance built into the service desk to ensure higher quality service delivery to works proactively to solve requests.

That's the beauty of intelligent service desk software. With better insight into key performance indicators and smart IT service management automation, you can be sure that you always deliver your "A game" to customers. To truly minimize the impact of IT or service disruptions this holiday, trust a service desk solution capable of managing ITSM operations in these ways.


3. Employees with the tools to succeed
Nobody expects newly onboarded service desk workers to be pros right out the gate. But the faster they learn, the better your service desk will be. Smart service desk software coaches technicians every step of the way with real-time assistance from intuitive knowledge base resources accessible from any screen. Having confidence in your IT tech team to get the job done when you may be away it critical to avoiding disaster during the holidays.

No matter what you celebrate this year, it's important to have an IT service desk that will be fully capable of handling service requests and keeping the business running smoothly so you can get the most out of your holiday leisure time.

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