3 Problems an Intelligent ITSM Solution Can Solve for Your Company

09/18/2019 by: The SunView Team

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Regardless of your industry, there are certain problems that every company faces, especially in a digital world. Today, you must embrace digital transformation, or risk falling behind. Additionally, you have to streamline inefficient workflows – not just because it’s costing your company time and money, but because your employees are getting frustrated.

There’s a solution to this problem: intelligent ITSM tools. Intelligent ITSM tools help facilitate digital transformation at your company, make inefficient workflows a thing of the past; they also reduce employee frustrations.

Intelligent ITSM Software Defined

What is intelligent ITSM software? The term refers to ITSM tools that have been enhanced by AI.

The combination of AI and ITSM software is very powerful. An AI-enabled ITSM solution learns without the aid of human intervention. Then, it applies its knowledge to a situation. 

Intelligent ITSM and Digital Transformation

AI and ITSM tools allow you to facilitate digital transformation at your business. Digital transformation refers to the transition that activities and processes undergo when they leverage digital technologies to make them more efficient. If you don’t facilitate a digital transformation, you lose a competitive advantage.

What does that look like in practice? Instead of calling or emailing the help desk, you could log into a self-service portal or open a chatbot window to type in your problem. The ITSM software would serve up a solution in moments, and if doesn’t have a fix, it will notify a human member of the help desk. 

“IDC estimates that enterprises will spend upwards of $2 trillion on digital transformations in 2019”

The above example illustrates how a process was transformed by digital technology. Because employees aren’t waiting as long to solve tech issues, they can devote time to valuable activities, like pursuing opportunities in new markets. 

Intelligent ITSM and Efficient Workflows 

We’ll use the example in the previous section again to highlight how intelligent ITSM tools make workflows more efficient. 

Digital processes are simply more efficient than manual processes (such as calling, emailing, or visiting a help desk). You’re not wasting time waiting to receive a response – a 2015 British study showed that almost 50% of employees waste three hours a day or more because of inefficient systems and processes. That inefficiency costs companies at least £28,000 per year. 

“According to Hubspot researchers, 90% of users rate an immediate response as important when they have a question”

One of the benefits of intelligent ITSM is that it allows employees to get back to work faster. A reduction in wasted time translates directly into an increase in efficiency (and profitability).

Intelligent ITSM and Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees have higher retention rates, and technology within the workplace plays a significant role in that satisfaction. For help desk employees, the combination of AI and ITSM software minimizes redundant, boring tasks such as resetting passwords, while line-of-business workers don’t feel the frustration associated with not being productive.

Combining AI and ITSM tools allows you to embrace a digital transformation, reduce inefficiency, and keep employees satisfied – three major challenges with which many companies struggle.

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