10 Things That Happen When You Deploy Incident Management

12/28/2016 by: The SunView Team

An incident management platform often serves as a first step into the world of IT service management. It is the centerpiece of a dedicated help desk solution, and organizations often use it to stabilize and streamline their operations. However, a simple efficiency boost isn't the only thing that happens when you invest in an incident management platform. Here are 10 things that happen on your IT help desk when you make an investment in incident management:


1. You Get Metrics

Being able to measure key performance indicators can seem like a pipe dream with a homegrown help desk. With a dedicated solution featuring incident management, you can track all kinds of data and even present vital information to end users on a custom dashboard.


2. Incidents Don't Slip Through the Cracks

Homegrown help desks are prone to having users open support tickets/emails, set them aside for something more urgent and never make their way back. A dedicated help desk ensures these types of tickets are flagged if they go untouched for a while, ensuring nothing falls by the wayside.


3. People Get the Right Support Tickets

Many support employees end up developing specializations, with different people tending to get tickets based on their areas of expertise. In some cases, tickets get sorted based on nuances of the schedule. With a homegrown solution, you have to depend on users to filter tickets on their own or forward them along. An incident management platform can sort these incidents automatically.


4. Email Conversion Gets Easy

Many support tickets start as emails. An incident management platform can handle the conversion for you, saving your help desk team from having to manually enter data from emails to create tickets.


5. Escalation Becomes Simple

Passing support tickets to high-level engineers can become incredibly complex as help desk workers need to detail the nuances of the ticket and explain what they've tried to do to resolve the user request. An incident management system automates many of these collaboration processes and makes it much easier to escalate tickets as needed.


6. Time Sinks Disappear

Slow manual processes often hold back help desk users. Efforts to streamline operations are commonplace here, but incident management plays a critical role in making the most of these initiatives by featuring basic automation tools and customizable workflows to ensure that users always have access to the tools they need to get the job done. The ability to automate and optimize workflows eliminates processes that often become time sinks, leading to major efficiency gains.


7. Users Get More Flexible

Many help desk teams end up becoming incredibly rigid as they need highly structured processes to get the job done on an everyday basis. An incident management platform accelerates everyday operations and eliminates efficiency barriers to such an extent that your support workers will have time to operate more flexibly.


8. Business Teams get Faster Responses

Slow responses from the help desk are a major problem when using a homegrown help desk. The lack of structure within the system leads to incidents taking too long to resolve, leaving business users frustrated at the wait. Incident management accelerates resolution processes and makes the help desk more responsive.


9. Repetitive Incidents Aren't Always a Huge Issue

An incident management platform can interact with knowledge centers to give help desk teams reminders of common resolutions to repetitive incidents, ensuring that recurring ticket types can be dealt with quickly.


10. You'll Have a Happier Team

Your help desk workers probably care a great deal about efficiency. Clunky processes disrupt their day, slow them down and add tedium to their operations. Eliminating these productivity roadblocks can play a vital role in creating a happier help desk team.

An incident management platform may be an entry level help desk investment, but it is a solution that will lead have a huge impact on your help desk.

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