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Maximize Your ITSM Solutions with AI

01/16/2018 by: Frank App

Organizations in today’s fast paced environment understand the importance of developing business agility so that they can quickly and efficiently adapt to changing business and customer requirements. Many have undertaken digital transformation projects that digitize information, streamline processes, reduce costs and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.  Read More

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3 Key Considerations to Make When Evaluating AI for ITSM

12/21/2017 by: Jaime Spector

  Since even before the internet revolutionized computing and communication, the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured the imaginations of those who looked toward the future. While AI may still in many ways seem relegated to far-flung sci-fi fantasy, these days you can’t start up an app or internet-enabled device without interacting with some form of computer intelligence. Read More

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IT Security: How to Manage Employee Offboarding the Right Way

12/15/2017 by: Jaime Spector

The IT department has a lot to worry about these days. From the weighing demands of the CIO in light of digital transformation, to preparing for IT outages during times of disaster, not a day goes by without a new challenge to tackle. Some concerns that are always top of mind for IT are the issues surrounding cyber security such as mitigating data breaches and tightening up vulnerabilities. And ... Read More

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What is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) and Why is It Important?

12/05/2017 by: Jaime Spector

As we head further into a future forged by digital transformation, IT’s obligation to minimizing the ever-increasing volume of requests on the service desk is paramount to the overall success of the business. It’s crucial for ITSM teams to be productive and make the most of their time. However, when roughly 67% of service desks spend the majority of their days in the trenches, firefighting ... Read More

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Why Lasting Service Delivery Improvements Need the Big Picture

11/28/2017 by: Ryan Ogilvie

Ever get frustrated on an inability to improve your service delivery? I recently spoke with a service delivery manager who was feeling stuck in this very way. Her top concern was that no matter what they were doing from an incident perspective they couldn’t make any real dent. I asked her if she looked outside incident management to change management. Read More

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ITSM, Black Friday, and Managing Services During the Holiday Rush

11/22/2017 by: Jaime Spector

  As 2017 begins to wind down, retailers are ramping up for the biggest shopping and consumer spending event of the year. However, the mad rush of Black Friday is no longer relegated to the physical retail locations. In fact, more people are eschewing the tradition of braving the big box stores and doorbuster events for the comfort and convenience of online shopping. According to a report from ... Read More

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CMDB Versus Asset Management: What's the Difference?

11/15/2017 by: Jaime Spector

For those who are new to ITIL and ITSM, there is often confusion surrounding the management of IT assets and CIs, and how it figures into the greater scheme of the IT organization. After all, ITSM (and enterprise service management in general) refers to the model for designing, delivering, managing and improving the way IT is used within an organization – so how do IT assets, service items, and ... Read More

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5 Ways to Reduce Service Desk Costs

11/10/2017 by: Jaime Spector

What is the number one dilemma of the CIO trying to support and bring value to the business? While managing a core IT staff and driving innovation through technological services are primary concerns, the main priority that is always top-of-mind usually comes down to one thing – cost. How much overhead cost will it take to implement and manage this new ITSM solution? How can we grow and expand ... Read More

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ITSM Drives Successful Digital Transformation in Organizations

11/06/2017 by: Frank App

  The Digital Transformation Journey and Why It’s Important to Your Business Digital transformation continues to be a hot topic in organizations today but there are many definitions of what it means and why it’s important. At one end of the spectrum, “digital transformation” can be defined as simplify moving information from an analog/paper world to a digital world. Most organizations understand ... Read More

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What Are the Benefits of Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?

10/18/2017 by: Jaime Spector

  Lately, you may have heard a lot about Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and even more about the value of carrying over established industry best practices from ITSM to serve greater functions of the business beyond simply IT. To start, it may be best to get a refresher about IT Service Management, ITIL, and their respective roles within the organization and business itself. Read More

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