About SunView Software

SunView Software is the leading provider of smart IT Service Management software that helps companies build more responsive IT departments. SunView's flexible and simple solutions enable companies to better deliver, manage, and monitor IT needs across the enterprise. Created with a visionary future in mind, the consumer-like interface provides the experience that users have come to expect in all areas of life. Most importantly, SunView's Willow AI & Machine Learning Platform is helping create intelligence-driven IT organizations, powered by advanced machine learning and automation — bringing together the best of human and machine to launch a new era of intelligent IT Service Management.

Our Mission

SunView Software is on a mission to take the complexity out of our daily lives by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform how we gain information, collaborate and share. We are focused on what can be both for today and for the future. That is why we are driven to create innovative and effortless platforms to empower you to build things with intelligent insights that deliver amazing experiences for your users.

Leadership Team

Seng Sun

Seng Sun, Founder and CEO

Seng is the leader of SunView Software. After achieving success at several of the largest technology firms such as Citrix and Intuit, he made the decision to start his own enterprise. He founded his company in 2003 and has bootstrapped it from its first launch to the more than 2000 enterprise customers it now has.

With a keen eye for innovation, Seng has continuously worked to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the service management space. From his perspective, nothing is impossible when it comes to creating award-winning technologies that use AI and Machine Learning to enhance and automate the workforce experience.

Seng values transparency, innovation, and creative thinking. He gives his management team the resources to succeed and the autonomy to make it happen, all while providing the guidance and inspiration they have come to respect from a natural leader.

He is a life-long learner and feels energized by the technology strides abundant in the world today and what he knows lies ahead in the future. He is fascinated by the possibilities that are all around us and feels that good health is an important part of one’s being. He enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time with his family to invigorate his daily life.

Michael Hechler

Michael Hechler, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Services

Mike is the face of SunView Software. Whether it’s helping customers find ways to work more efficiently or leverage resources to optimize their business processes, Mike is hands-on and the person who will find the answers our customers need.

As an executive management alum of Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Siemens, Digital River and others, Mike has owned P&L and built and managed large international organizations with revenues up to $3 billion.

He values openness, passion, loyalty and directness and takes pride in developing his diverse teams to perform at their best. He has lived and worked in many different countries and loves to work with different cultures.

In his free time, Mike is an avid runner, enjoys traveling the world together with his family and is always up for a good game of golf.

Bob Kruger

Bob Kruger, Senior Vice President, Engineering

Bob is the builder of SunView Software. It’s his passion to lead the team in finding new ways to inject intelligence and consumerism into enterprise service management and create the products that define our company.

With a career that ranges from major enterprise software companies like Microsoft and Citrix to cutting-edge Silicon Valley startups, Bob has done it all. He was a contributing author and technical reviewer for Bill Gates’ second book and has overseen the creation of a major industry systems management standard.

Bob values creativity, openness, passion, and commitment. These attributes drive him as a leader and shape the nature of his teams. He likes work to be fun, too.

Nature photography, watching movies, bicycling, as well as spending time with his wife and dog are the things that fuel his high-powered energy cells.


Les Lettiero, Vice President, Professional Services and Support

Les is the trainer of SunView Software. As the multi-faceted, talented head of Professional Services, Les has a strong history of successfully leading project managers and technical teams to new heights.

Before joining SunView and becoming an ITSM expert, Les spent a decade with one of the largest International ERP consulting companies that specialized in Microsoft products, including CRM, Dynamics, Solomon, and Navison.

Les gets technology and it shows in his ability to take point on projects great and small with the confidence born from a comprehensive understanding of the numerous aspects of the IT industry. His meticulous personality makes directing teams to the right technical conclusion each time a natural for him.

When not working, Les enjoys spending quality time with his wife and four daughters. A fitness advocate, he also likes traveling and endurance sports, including marathons, biking, and triathlons. To wind down, Les appreciates a competitive game of chess. 

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