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Modern and
Easy to Use

Provide a simple, intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate. Configurable with drag-n-drop editing, it’s easily customizable to meet end-user needs.



Assist your staff and end users to make faster decisions with the AI-driven platform. Real-time recommendations increase staff efficiency and productivity.



Deliver seamless workflow automation that helps free staff from repetitive, manual tasks and streamlines end-to-end processes.

SunView Software ChangeGear is User Friendly

It’s User Friendly

With its simple and elegant user interface, ChangeGear is an ultra-modern solution that works with your staff and end users, not against them. Multi-channel access and the consumer-like experience helps drive user adoption and engagement.

It’s Intelligent

Not only is ChangeGear easy to use, but it’s smart too. The “brains” behind this operation is SunView Willow AI™, SunView’s Artificial Intelligence. It works alongside IT staff to find relevant information that provides quick solutions for end users.

SunView Software ChangeGear is Intelligent
SunView Software ChangeGear is Flexible

It's Flexible

Adapting to the needs of your organization is no hard stretch for ChangeGear. Now it’s even easier to design and configure your business processes. Many of the forms and workflows are pre-built out-of-the-box.

It’s Automated

Gone are the days of staff struggling through tedious tasks day in, day out. With ChangeGear’s cognitive automation, end users can automatically access intelligent answers to solve their problems. Staff, on the other hand, benefits from having fields populated automatically based on previous suggestions.

SunView Software ChangeGear is Automated
SunView Software ChangeGear

Service Desk

Turn Your Service Desk Software into a Valuable Member of Your Team

SunView Software ChangeGear Service Desk Software

Service Manager

Powered by AI

Use a Service Manager That Works Smarter, Not Harder

SunView Software ChangeGear Service Manager Software

Change Manager

Manage Change and Compliance in Unison With Change Manager

SunView Software ChangeGear Change Manager Software

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