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ChangeGear - Flexible IT Service Desk & Asset Management

Built on a foundation of ITIL best practices, ChangeGear provides a modern, powerful, and flexible IT Service Management solution that can be deployed quickly and easily – in hours, not days or months. This is accomplished through an easy-to-customize platform, with multiple delivery options (including on-premises or Cloud), that can be tuned and matched to the specifics of your IT organization. With ChangeGear, you gain an ability to focus on what matters – improving processes, ensuring your team is efficient and effective, and adding value to your business. ChangeGear takes an approach to ITSM software design that believes powerful and scalable should be synonymous with affordable and easy.

ITIL Processes, Fully Customizable, No Coding Required

Out-of-the-box you get access to ITIL best practices. This means Request, Incident and Problem Management, Change and Release Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, and Self Service are all available in one integrated platform. You can then choose to get your IT organization up and running without any modification, or customize ChangeGear ensuring processes match perfectly with those already existing within your organization. This is all done without the need for custom code, weeks of training, or an extensive administration staff. Take a look below, and see the options ChangeGear has to offer:

Service Request Management
Easily automate routine Service Request tickets to be directed to specific fulfillment groups beyond the Tier 1 Service Desk, driving increased efficiency and improved communication.
Learn more about ChangeGear solution for Service Request Management

Help Desk
Drive improved ticket tracking and time to resolution with the simple to use Help Desk solution built on the robust ChangeGear Service Desk Platform.
Learn more about ChangeGear solution for Help Desk

Service Desk
Seamless integration of key ITSM processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, and Knowledge Management.
Learn more about ChangeGear solution for IT Service Management

Change and Release Management
IT process automation enabling you to streamline the entire change and release management process. This includes automating workflows, approvals, notifications, and providing a complete historical audit-trail.
Learn more about ChangeGear solution for Change Management

Service Asset and Configuration Management
Utilize advanced capabilities to map and manage critical resources such as business services, hardware, software, users, documentation, and configuration within one federated database.
Learn more about ChangeGear solution for Configuration Management

Self Service and Service Catalog
Allows users to browse the diverse set of services your organization provides. From the services available to them, users can submit requests at their convenience, 24 hours a day, and then have them automatically routed to the correct member of your team.
Learn more about the ChangeGear solution for Service Catalog

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