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ITSM Practices Play Vital Role in HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA and HITECH guidelines have been around for a while, both having a significant impact...

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5 Service Desk Essentials for Healthcare

Change management is a common point for discussions in healthcare IT departments, but sometimes...

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Data Plays Key Role in Informing Healthcare IT Advances

Data is a central component of the healthcare technology revolution facing hospitals, clinics and...

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Obamacare Web Struggles Highlight Importance of Change Management

The turmoil surrounding the recent Obamacare website release has led to derision and plenty of...

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Service Desk Maturation Vital as Healthcare IT Demands Change

The healthcare industry has faced a period of upheaval. Over the course of the past few years, the...

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End of XP Means Loss of HIPAA Compliance

Are you concerned about HIPAA regulatory compliance? If you are still using Windows XP? Then you...

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6 Key Challenges for the Healthcare IT Organization

Every IT Organization has challenges. Of course, the highly regulated industries have added layers...

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CPOE and EHR on the Rise in Healthcare

It is essential to the smooth operation of a today's healthcare organization to have a fully...

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Take the HIPPA BYOD Security Test

If you work in healthcare IT then meeting the stringent regulations of HIPPA is a daily struggle....

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Throwback Thursday: Agile Healthcare IT Organizations Can Tackle ITSM and ITIL

Originally posted on November 18, 2011 Organizations today are seeking IT Service Management tools...

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3 Reasons to Consider an IT Career in Healthcare

Is ITIL important in the Healthcare field? The answer is a definitive YES. If you are considering...

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EHR Report - IT not the Biggest Risk

On December 9, 2012, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority issued a report, "The Role of the...

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Throwback Thursday: The Healthcare Edition

Earlier this week, my blog post was on improving Electronic Medical Record (EMR) support through IT process improvement including implementation of a CMDB. So this week’s Throwback Thursday is focused on some of our previous healthcare industry posts. Healthcare Blog PostsAgile...

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3 Steps to Improved EMR Support

Are you ready to support Electronic Medical Record (EMR) processes? The answer usually ranges from...

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Six Keys to Creating a Service-oriented Culture in Healthcare IT

Today's post is from Guest Blogger Scott Ruehle. Scott has spent 15 Years in IT, in a variety of roles, and now serves as IT Process Manager for a Healthcare IT Organization. There he also provides services as the Change Advisory Board (CAB) Chair. We're happy to have his expertise in...

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Agile Healthcare IT Organizations Can Tackle ITSM and ITIL

Organizations today are seeking IT Service Management tools which allow the organization to rapidly...

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Change Management: One of ECRI Institute's Top 10 Health Technology Hazards of 2012

Each year the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) produces a list of the Top 10 Technology Hazards, and they have just released their list for 2012. Not surprisingly, change management has made the list. Citing specifically, A key reason problems arise is the failure to implement...

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A Checklist for IT Healthcare Organizations Implementing EMR

If you're in the Healthcare Industry, or more specifically, a member of IT that services a...

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Healthcare IT Awareness Month

Here in the US, as we bid farewell to the frights of October, and begin to welcome a holiday season that seems to start earlier every year, The ITSM Lens is making November, Healthcare IT Awareness Month. Each week, included among our regular features, we'll also be providing specific...

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