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Throwback Thursday: Twitter Password Security Edition

If you are a security conscious individual, this week's Twitter password leak likely gave you a big scare. Even though the exposure looks to be small, just 55 thousand of the near 500 million total accounts, it is still a very scary prospect. It's not new though, and security experts far and wide preach about the dangers of password security every day.

This week's Throwback Thursday is focused on our past posts related to all security topics, not just those regarding passwords. After the break, take a look at what our team had to say. Plus, we have five tips from Microsoft Business Blogger Kim Komando*:

5 tips for top-notch password security| Microsoft Small Business Center

  1. Don't be complacent.
  2. Know what makes for a bad password.
  3. Get proficient at creating good passwords.
  4. Safeguard your password .
  5. Change your password often

The ITSM Lens Throwback Thursday: Security Edition



*Excerpt taken from an original article posted at Microsoft business:


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