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Throwback Thursday: Top Five Reasons Change Management Software is Better than Excel Spreadsheets


Originally posted on 9/29/11

According to ITIL expert, George Spalding of Pink Elephant International, we are way past the days of using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to track IT changes. We give our top reasons why this is true.

1. Automation – This is the main reason for getting Change Management Software. Assignments can be made based on what change is requested and with an integrated CMDB you can see which other items will be affected by that change.

2. Reporting – There is no easy way for someone to pull a “quick” report from a bunch of spreadsheets unless they are meticulously kept. With software you have all the information readily available at all times, with reports out-of-the-box.

3. Audit – Piggybacking on the last bullet, if you are subject to audits, you need a strong reporting capability. Change Management Software makes reports easy. Plus, with a good change process all events will be logged in the system. With spreadsheets, many changes will go unnoted because either a true process is not in place or opening up Excel seems unnecessary.

4. Disaster – In the event of an IT disaster, change management software makes it easy to pinpoint which change caused an error. Unless the spreadsheet is updated at every step in the change process, you will be staggering around looking for answers.

5. Process – An IT department will be hard pressed to follow a process that involves spreadsheets because it seems so informal. Implementing software will give you a workflow that your organization can follow, automatically forcing employees to follow best-practice guidelines.

Even if you are a small business you should stop tracking your changes on pen and paper. There are better options available.



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