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How to Cut IT Costs by 25% and Other Top ITSM Stories - 10/10

Gartner: Cutting IT costs by 25 per cent can be done in 10 steps - IT organisations that are under pressure to cut their infrastructure and operations costs can do so by as much as 25 per cent over three years if they take the following 10 steps, according to rese... - IT Administration | Feature Secrets of the Service Catalog An effective service catalog serves multiple roles: to steer users to the appropriate resource, to communicate to the campus what IT does,... - Recently ITILnews has been contacted by one of our visitors asking if we could provide any guidance around the costs involved in implementing ITIL into an organization. Due to the variables associa... - CIO — ITIL is an acronym that some CIOs don’t understand well. If they’re aware of the IT Infrastructure Library, it’s in the context of two of the library’s books that provide guidance on improvin... - By Nick Heath, 30 September 2011 10:05 INTERVIEW Cloud computing is often sold as a way for companies to cut their tech bill by only paying for the IT they use. Veteran IT chief Ian Cohen has other...

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